Lee Stagles

Male is more than a gender

Men’s Groups

A chance to meet and chat with Men in a safe and relaxed environment.

A Men only environment where we can feel safe and comfortable

Held by our ground rules

Men’s Groups explore what it means to be a man and supports men to:
Clarify our direction and purpose
Strengthen our integrity
Become more trustworthy
Be clear and grounded
Be strong and consistent
Know what it means to be at our edge and be held accountable
Find peace, inwardly and outwardly.

Supporting men who want to join and sustain a Men’s Group
Enabling men to talk about our lives and the challenges we face around relationships, work, children, our sense of purpose, direction and fulfillment.

Based on the work of Kenny D’Cruz.
Who is lurking in the shadows of our psyche? Best friends? Bad influences? Role models? Siblings? Children? Parents? Those we love, loathe and lust after the most? What about partners and primary relationships?

We do slick rounds of questions, listen to ourselves and one another, get real, hang out and have a laugh. The funniest, most embarrassing stories can provide the most valuable insights, though humiliation is not an option.

The name of the game is self awareness. No one tells anyone else what to do, or what not to do. We share our thoughts, feelings and experiences and respectfully challenge one another as we get to know who we really are in the present moment.

The middle name (of the game) is hanging out with other blokes. Clean male company, comparing notes and having a laugh. Not a therapy group, our space is more an authentic check-in and quality conversations providing invaluable insights for daily life.

The surname is Bond (no, not James!) With the depth and same-sidedness we naturally slip into, it would be weird not to. This is where a load of blokes can get together and be on the same side with what we have in common.

OPEN GROUPS: Open to all men (18+) pay as you go. A good taster without commitment! Every other Wednesday – 6.45pm for a 7pm start, doors close 7.10pm, 9.30pm ends. £20. Totally safe, clean and accessible with no pressure and absolutely fine to say “Pass” when it’s your go.

CLOSED GROUPS: Same men for six monthly (renewable)terms, building trust, familiarity and supportive challenge – this is where it’s at! Attended at least one Open Group? Then try it out! Payable in advance. (Closed Group men get to attend Open and Discussion Groups for half price!)

THEMED DISCUSSION GROUPS: Open to all men to attend and suggest themes in advance – death, lies, best friends, lovers, health, wealth, anything you’d like to discuss! Dates to be confirmed.

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